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Q-How often should a client come in for maintenance sessions?

A-Every two weeks 


Q-Can a client wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

A-NO. Mascara can only be worn on lower natural eyelashes. I recommend Grande Mascara.


Q-What are the stages of natural eyelashes?

A-Growth stage, resting stage and shedding stage. The average person loses 3-5 natural eyelashes each day.


Q-What is the lifespan of a natural eyelash?

A-Each lash turns over every 60-75 days


Q-What curl of eyelash extensions would you recommend for a client with hooded eyes?

A-You would mix D, L or L+. I customize on an individual basis using several lengths, densities, and curls.


Q-How much adhesive is used per client?

A-One pin drop every 15 minutes


Q-What causes shock curing?

A-Applying excessive amounts of moisture too quick will cause the bond to become stiff and lift off of the natural eyelash resulting in poor retention. 


Q-Should you use Alcohol or Saline to prime the clients natural eyelashes prior to application?

A-No. Alcohol is a drying agent and Saline is salt based. Both will cause natural eyelashes to become dry and brittle.

Q-Would you recommend your client to use a lash growth serum as part of their home care instructions?

A-No. Lash growth serums do more harm than good. Most are steroid based, causing weakened lashes and abnormal growth cycles. 


Q-What are the two things that cause eyelash adhesives to breakdown?

A-Salts and oils


Q-How long can a client wear eyelash extensions before taking a break from them?

A-Indefinite. With proper eyelash application, home care and maintenance sessions; clients should grow the longest, healthiest, natural eyelashes possible creating the strongest eyelash extension bond. 


Q-How many eyelash extensions are considered to be a full set?

A-Varies. How ever many natural eyelashes each individual client has. I extend all of your natural eyelashes.


Q-Can you get a bacterial infection from wearing eyelash extensions?

A-Yes. From poor home care. Eyelashes build up bacteria from oils and daily life, you must cleanse them properly with or without extensions to kill bacteria. Recommended use of BSL Natural Cleansing cloths, mascara wands and Lashfresh misters will ensure a clean lash line. 


Q-What is cyanoacrylate?

A-CA for short, these adhesive bonds fix rapidly and cure at room temperature. They are contained in all medical grade adhesives.


Q-Can you wear eyelash extensions if you have an allergy to latex or rubber?

A-NO. Cyanoacrylate adhesives contain rubber additives in addition to others. These CA's are in all medical grade adhesives. 

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